Quantum Economics enjoys the humble privilege of working with some of the best projects who are building the future of finance.

Here are some of the awesome clients enjoying our advisory services


Your number one source for social data. LunarCrush tracks thousands of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and stocks. This is the best way to gauge the growth of a network and determine its valuation.

The $LUNR token is proof of concept demonstrating a learn to earn monetization model that does not relies on tokenization of their network rather than harvesting user data

Website: LunarCrush.com

Find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Discord.

Wubits DeSocial


Old school social networks of web 2.0 are broken and useless. It’s time to build something new!!

Wubits allows content creators to own and monetize the fruit of their labor like never before, utilizing smart contracts and cutting edge encryption technology. This is not your gramma’s social network.

Website: Wubits.com

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.




This early stage start-up will revolutionize the way end-users trade through decentralized exchanges.

MC Squared Finance is building the next layer of finance by connecting profitable traders with people who want to allocate money within the token economy. Utilizing NFTs and personalized tokens, the platform will follow profitable traders accross DEXs and mirror their strategies paving the way for the Web3 version of structured financial products, hedge funds and indexes.

Website: mc2.fi

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.


Pollen DeFi


Join the hivemind!! An exclusive NFT gated traders club.

Create a league or join one. Your team will create a virtual portfolio of cryptocurrencies and trade against other leagues for cash prizes. Feel free to join the Quantum Legends group at this link.

Website: https://pollen.id/

Find them on Twitter and Telegram.

Supremacy Game

Giant mech robots battling in the MetaVerse. This unique NFT game is the perfect embodiment of blockchain technology and play to earn gaming, and it’s fun too!

Don’t take our word for it though, unlike other multi-million dollar web3 games, this one is already live and enjoyed by hundreds of players every day. Try it out now at their website.

Website: supremacy.game

Find them on Twitter, Telegram, Discordand YouTube.


LitBit Finance

Reimangining the start-up accelerator, on the blockchain. LitBit will advance some of the most exciting projects in the space in a unique and fair way.

Website: LitBit.finance

Find them on Twitter, Telegram, Discordand YouTube.

Soundwork Logo Transparent


A revolutionary decentralized platform enabling the creation and distribution of music elements.

Soundwork leverages AI/ML models to identiry sound elements and reward musitions, producters and beat-makers in an open and transparent way by interacting with smart contracts.

Website: Soundwork.io

Find them on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and LinkedIn.

These projects originated in-house at Quantum Economics…

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Quantum Expeditions

Our expert team at Quantum Economics is setting up a bitcoin mining facility in West Texas!!

We have the power, we have the land and have over-raised on our seed round. There are currently several attractive funding options for various investors including our upcoming crowdfund.


For more information and opportunities please visit: QuantumExpeditions.com

Layered Cake Protocol 

This DeFi arm of Quantum Economics focuses on finding and acquiring distressed assets in the DeFi space who have an underperforming token, good technology and a strong community. We then turn them around by deploying sound tokenomics and a revitalized growth strategy.

Our first acquisition is Revault.Network, join the DAO at this link


Currently onboarding talent and projects.

Block Afrika

This association seeks to boost knowledge and adoption of cryptocurrencies across the continent of Africa.

Founded by the young and talented Wonder Godzo and other members of our core team.


Visit the website at: www.blockafrika.com

These strategic partners are integral to our success!



BitcoinLive DB is a broadcasting platform providing affordable streaming services & education to the digital asset space. 

Together with Quantum Economics we promote bitcoin, decentralization, financial literacy, freedom and everything crypto and web3 stands for. 

Catch the content on YouTube, Telegram, Twitch & Twitter. contact us for speaking opportunities.

Crypto Oracle

With more than 30,000 members across the globe, this is by far one of the largest and most successful IRL meetup networks in the crypto space.

Headed by Lou Kerner, physical meetings take place every Monday in major cities around the globe and a daily online meeting of some of the most powerful builders in the industry.

Crypto Mondays website: Cryptomondays.io

Find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.


Combining the power of blockchain and astrology to bring you automated trading vaults, decentralized dating, and a suite of dApps for web3 and the metaverse. 

Founded by the lovely and talented Maren Altman, the vision is to meld the ancient art  with cutting edge AI and blockchain technology to empower true believers.

Visit their website: Astrace.io

Catch them on Telegram & Twitter.

Priority Crypto

Experienced head hunters focusing on targeted talent acquisition for all our supported projects.

Founded by Anders Christiansen, who has more than two decades experiance in the field. 

Visit their website: PriorityCrypto.jobs 

Follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord & YouTube.

CryptoAssets Institute

Experts on all things tokenization, tokenomics and the web3 economy. From NFTs, DAOs, to DeFi, this institute, lead by Ethan Pierse advises a wide range of decentralized creators. 

Visit their website at: CryptoAssets.Institute

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These hackers will recover lost crypto from any hardware device.

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Find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

eToro Copytrader

One of the most established brokers in the crypto space, they were the first platform to allow trading on bitcoin and the first licensed broker to offer Ethereum. Today they offer a wide range of investment products for retail traders including their unique copytrader system.

You can copy the personal portfolio of our CEO Mati Greenspan at this link.

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Copy Trading does not amount to investment advice. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

eToro USA LLC and eToro USA Securities Inc.; Investing involves risk, including loss of principal; Not a recommendation