Layered Cake Protocol


With the Crypto bear market in full roar – we’ve seen the unfortunate disruption of a number of meaningful DeFi projects – across the Web3 ecosystem.

Meaningful projects are ones – with a strong thesis – that could easily be reinvigorated by installing new management; cleaning up some of their corporate governance and redeveloping Tokenomic models.

Additionally, rolling up a select number of these projects affords a stronger DeFi thesis – allowing for the incorporation of Defi layers for lending, vaulting and protocol aggregation to generate yield.

Over time – we forsee additional opportunities to incorporate DeFi insurance and additional liquidity and yield layers – building a more integrated DeFi ecosystem.

Our current proposal is to roll up UnFederal Reserve ( a US regulated Crypto lending platform ); Revault ($REVA), a distributed vaulting platform and CLIP finance ( a DeFi Yield aggregation protocol) under a crypto regime that allows for better financial management, development and Yield growth – over time.

Our new Protocol – the LCT (or Layer Cake Token) will roll up segments of each protocol’s treasury – as well as hold a liquidity treasury. The liquidity treasury will be deployed across layers and roll-up collected yield – affording a compounded DeFi benefit, over time.

QE is in the process of packaging the legal and deal structure at present – as well as structuring the project for financing.