Quantum Economics

…is dedicated to analyzing the effects of QE and helping people navigate the economic landscape of this particularly interesting period in history.

In the current economic environment, if you’re not investing you’re losing money. 

The Federal Reserve and other central banks, with their experimental policies and aggressive market manipulation, have made money so cheap that it might soon become worthless.

Therefore, it is now the duty of every man, women, and child to increase their financial literacy and explore the wonderful world of investments.

Meet the Team

Our staff is hand picked based on talent, quality, and integrity.

Mati Greenspan

Founder & CEO

An investment specialist with an eye for the latest market trends and trading opportunities.

Having been involved in financial markets his entire life and paper-trading from the age of 13, he is the co-author of the book The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union.


Mati has a unique way of viewing and explaining what’s happening in the financial markets, and helping people spot the best investment opportunities. His expertise is particularly strong in the field of cryptocurrencies where he is known as one of the industry’s top analysts. His market commentary is frequently quoted in financial news sites like Bloomberg, CNBC, Thomson Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and many more.

Dara Sandow-Vandel

Business Development

Dara knows that growth requires dedication to aligning strategies and projects to the company business model. Her specialty in business development and customer retention creates a strong foundation for sustainable expansion. 

Charles Bovaird

VP of Content

Charles is an acclaimed writer on the subject of financial markets and investments. He’s a Forbes Senior Contributor, an Independent Consultant at Moody’s Analytics, and is the Founder & President of the Financial Writers Society.

Ethan Pierse 


Serial entrepreneur in digital and e-commerce in the US and Western Europe. Founder of Borderless Ventures. Director at The CryptoAssets Institute, evangelizing the blockchain economy across the globe.  Ethan has two decades experiance in digital marketing strategy advising Coca-Cola, HP, BP, big banks, airlines and governments. 

Evamarie Augustine

Equity Analyst

Evamarie specializes in creating engaging and timely content on the financial markets. Having worked as a senior investment writer at major asset management firms, she is skilled at turning raw research and data into compelling commentary for a variety of audiences and media platforms.

Jason Deane

Bitcoin Analyst

Jason is a respected writer and passionate speaker on the subjects of Cryptocurrency, Finance and Bitcoin, with two published books and a thriving Medium profile. His area of specialism is the macro economic effect of the integration of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Pedro Febrero

Blockchain Analyst

Pedro is the founder of Bityond, a blockchain-enabled recruitment platform and CryptoNerds, an academy for learning about Bitcoin and Ethereum. He’s penned over 600 technical articles in the crypto-space and has two scientific publications.

Keefe Borden

Energy Analyst

Keefe is a writer and editor who has tracked commodities and energy markets for more than 10 years. His interests include renewable energy, fossil fuels, project finance and global market trends. He has an undergraduate degree in economics and a Masters in Business Administration.

Thomas Kuhn

Macro Analyst

Having completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program in 2014, Thomas is currently the Head of Trader Education and Development at Mine Digital. He has a strong understanding of macro-trends with a broad focus on both traditional and digital assets.

Shawn Dexter

DeFi Analyst

Lead writer, analyst & founder of Mango Research. Shawn is a Bitcoin & Monetary History Enthusiast with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa and is particularly fascinated with the history, and perhaps more importantly the future, of money.

Matt Case

Video Content Creator

With 25 years Broadcasting in the Music Industry, Matt is currently heard on air for iHeart Radio daily in Seattle and across the US. Case entered the crypto space in the summer of the bull, 2017. He then proceeded to interview many of the industry’s top personalities through his controversial podcast Crypto for Idiots.

Gil Solomon

Legal Counsel

An extremely experienced attorney & lecturer, Gil’s accomplishments in the fields of cross-border corporate transactions, blockchain, technology, and venture capital investments make him a perfect fit for Quantum Economics. Read more on Gil’s website here.

Gerald Votta

Director of Communications

With a degree in Political Science from West Chester University, Gerald has been studying and working in cryptocurrencies since 2016. His specialities in the field are Global Macro Crypto trends. He has a natural affinity for technology and programming and is constantly testing everything from, defi applications to programming bots.